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Tell Me You Crave Me (Search and Seduce #3)
Author:Joya Ryan

Tell Me You Crave Me (Search and Seduce #3)

Joya Ryan

Dear Reader, Here’s what I love about the Search and Seduce series: the men are alpha softies and the women are capably fragile ball-busters. Yep, you read that right. Because Natalie and Easton are have insecurities and strengths just like all of us. But it’s how they bring out the best in each other...no matter how irritating they make the other. Sometimes it’s easy to tell your best friend your true feelings, like how they’re total A-holes and need to jump off some high place. But other times, it’s easier saying that to your best friend’s older brother. And Natalie lets East know that his playboy crap doesn’t fly, all while East makes the “renowned” awkward Natalie feel nothing but special. Because sometimes awkward is sexy. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself...


To Jordan.

Thank you for making me laugh regularly. Between 99 bananas, calling the dinosaurs, and crying in public over two bottles of wine, I appreciate your endless support.

You’re the deliverer of Moscow Mules and face high fives that always bring me back to reality.

Love you, boo.

Chapter One

Holy God, this was painful to watch, Easton Ambrose thought, wincing at the pitiful display in front of him.

Honey’s was the only bar/restaurant in town that boasted Southern hospitality, good food, and unique architecture, so it was the place to be on a Friday night. Hell, in his small town of Beaufort, North Carolina, it was where most of the ladies flocked, and East was nothing if not an avid hunter.

Seeing as how he “knew,” aka “saw naked in some capacity,” most of the women currently in the bar, he could spot a hot chick he didn’t recognize immediately. Even if all he could see was her sweet ass sitting in the barstool with her back to him. Hourglass figure. Prominent hourglass, to be exact. With her perfect posture and all that thick, dark hair falling over her trim shoulders, the delicate curve of her back leading to some serious hips and ass, he knew right away he’d remember a frame like that if he’d felt it before. And he was certain he hadn’t. Something he’d like to change tonight.

Not that he was a total playboy douche. Playboy maybe, but not a douche. No, he was upfront with women, cared about their needs, and was clear on his own. He wasn’t a commitment type, and he had good reason for that. But he enjoyed being loved on and lovin’ on someone—as long as it was one night at a time.

He took a swig of his beer and adjusted his Stetson back on his head just enough to get a better view of this mystery woman at the bar. Normally he’d be at the bar himself, tossing a few back with his buddies, likely all still in their search and rescue gear, but he’d taken tonight off. His buddies had handed in their man cards for “domestic bliss,” and that left East alone on the prowl in a white T-shirt and his favorite hat.

He shuddered and had to take another drink of beer at the words “domestic bliss.”

My ass…

There was nothing blissful about being tied down. Granted, his buddies Dex and Gage were roped to some seriously awesome women, but still. It wasn’t for East. It was a Friday night, and that meant the women from a few towns over always wandered in looking for the country boys and good times that Honey’s promised whenever live music was playing. Which it was. And East played his part well—not the music, but the game—and had his sights set on his opponent for the night.

Hourglass hottie was clearly on a terrible date with a boring guy. That was obvious. Poor sap didn’t stand a chance with a dime piece like this woman.

The boring guy was prattling on and on, and East couldn’t help but do his own muffled voiceover:

“The accounting firm I work at is super duper, and the only thing that gets my dick harder than my calculator watch and tax season is reruns of Golden Girls.” East’s voice was quiet but had a nerdy twang, and to his credit he kept in time with the boring guy’s mouth. Okay, it was kind of fun, so he went on. “Wanna come over to my mom’s house where I live in the basement, and I can heat us up some pot pies and pretend I know how to unfasten a bra?”

East snickered again. Fuckin’ boring guy. He just knew he wasn’t too far off on his commentary. But still, East was no asshole. He was a prick. Big difference. And he was only a prick sometimes. Particularly when he was riled up, or he saw a woman not being treated right. And man, did this woman look like she needed to be treated right. He could tell by her body language that she was begging for it. And the idiot she was with wasn’t getting the signals. Granted, now her shoulders were slumping, and the hair flick that should be flirty was more annoyed than it had been a minute ago. She knew the guy was lame and not her speed. East could show her what speed a pristine woman like her should be accelerated to.