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Anomaly (Causal Enchantment #4)
Author:K.A. Tucker

Anomaly (Causal Enchantment #4) by K.A. Tucker



Prologue – The Fates


“How could this have happened?”


The four ethereal creatures encircled their game board—an enormous bowl-like structure—and watched the aftermath unfold within the image pool. Though there was no longer a need for physical form after sending the sorceress and human back to their crumbling world, the Fates maintained the angelic illusion for the time being, their white gowns and gossamer wings fluttering in a nonexistent breeze.


There was nothing angelic about their kaleidoscopic eyes, though, as three sets skewered Incendia, ripe with accusation.


“What have you done?” Terra’s shrill voice screeched through the vast nothingness, her civil demeanor for the human a fa?ade. The Fates were far from civil.


Rage ignited the God of Fire’s wings, the flames lashing out in every direction. “How could I possibly have done this!” he bellowed, throwing his hand at the image. None of them were capable of this. None of them would ever want to do this.


They watched in horror as the girl’s eyes came into focus, as their magic coursed through her body. His player in the game—his “child”—had finally been granted her desperate wish to be immortal.


Only this is not what the Fates had granted her.


“Do you know what will happen if she discovers what she can do?” A’ris trilled, more in panic than anger. Of course, that was a rhetorical question. They all knew what would happen.


She would undo everything.


They couldn’t allow that.


In a much calmer manner—they were all in this together—Unda stated, “We must hope that the full extent of her powers remains lost to her.”


“Yes. She must remain in the dark,” Incendia spoke as if passing a verdict. “And, if she does not …” He reached down to pick up the tiny green and blue sphere from the pedestal. Holding it up between his thumb and index finger, he detected the extreme fragility of it. Just a little pressure and it would dissolve into powder. “Then we shall have to interfere.”


As appointed wardens, they were not permitted to stop a game from running its course. But they had also never faced such meddling in their choices before. Why would they be meddling now?


“We still have Terra’s player. We can demand an audience and request that she end this problem,” A’ris said, slightly calmer.


“I do not trust that she will comply,” Terra admitted. “She is irrational when it comes to that girl.”


“We will have to convince her otherwise.” Incendia placed the tiny world back on its pedestal.


All four heads nodded in silent unison, the unspoken question of why this was happening—why they were trying to ruin them—still heavy in the air.