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An Immortal's Song (Dante's Circle #6)
Author:Carrie Ann Ryan

Amara lifted her head and leaned against Seth as he slid into her from behind. Tristan groaned beneath her, his hands on her hips. Both of her men worked as one, her fae fucking her cunt while her merman fucked her ass, their bodies sweat-slick. She’d woken up in Tristan’s bed with both men sucking her breasts and readying her for their attention.

It seriously was the best way to wake up.

Seth slid out of her and she moaned. Then she found herself on her back as Tristan pounded her into the bed. Her fae prince groaned and she laughed. She couldn’t help it. She loved it when their Seth surprised the both of them.

Seth held onto Tristan’s hips and slowly worked his way into their mate. The bond flared between them all and love poured into her soul. Tears slid down her cheeks as they made love this way and every way. They were hers in truth, in body and soul, and she knew this was her fate, her future.

Tristan made sweet love to her as Seth did the same to him. She put her hands on both of them, needing them close as she came on a wave. Her men followed her, their voices growls as they shouted their passion, their love.

When they were finally able to breathe, she found herself spooned between both of them as Tristan used a warm, damp cloth on her. She pillowed her head on Seth’s arm and smiled at him.

“I would say we need to wake up that way every morning, but I might not make it,” she teased.

Seth winked and kissed her softly. “We’ll just have to find inventive ways to wake you up, then.”

She groaned. “I might run out of energy.”

“Don’t worry, little siren,” Tristan said smoothly from behind her. “We’ll find ways. We always do.”

Her phone buzzed then, the alarm going off. “We’re going to be late,” she said as she sank into their holds. “I promised the girls I would be at Dante’s Circle to see what Eliana needs to talk about, and I don’t want to be the last one there.”

Tristan gripped her hip and kissed her shoulder. Seth’s fingers played with her nipples and she moaned before sitting up.

“Hey, I wasn’t done with those,” Seth said with a smile.

She batted him off and did the same to Tristan. “Stop it, both of you. I need to shower. Alone.” She narrowed her eyes when both men leaned back, their cocks hard and standing at attention. “We have like seven showers in this home. Use them. Separately. I don’t want to be late. I haven’t seen the others since my change, and it was only because I promised to be there on time that they didn’t all show up on our doorstep last night.”

“You’re beautiful when you’re on a mission,” Tristan said with a grin.

“You’re beautiful always,” Seth added.

Amara stood at the edge of the bed, her hands on her hips. “I love you both, but get clean you dirty, dirty men of mine. I will not be late. They will all know the reason why.”

Tristan shrugged. “Almost all of them are newly mated. They’ll understand.”

“That’s true enough,” Seth said.

She rolled her eyes. She never once thought she’d have the kind of life she had now. She was the queen of the sirens, the voice with a song of truth and power. And yet she didn’t live in the siren realm, not fully, not yet. She had her men, her powers, and her future.

There were hundreds of details to see to, and thousands more unknown, but she wasn’t alone in her decisions and that made it all worth it. No matter what happened next with her friends or with any of the realms that her new family was part of, she knew she could handle it.

Because Amara wasn’t alone anymore. She had a family. A home. She had everything she needed. And all it had taken was a leap of faith and a song sung in hope and destiny.

For an immortal with a lifetime of lifetimes ahead of her, that sounded like a perfect plan to her.