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An Outlaw Monster (Back Down Devil MC #10)
Author:London Casey & Karolyn James

An Outlaw Monster (Back Down Devil MC #10)

London Casey & Karolyn James



I watched her take her top off, twirling it around her finger a few times, and then toss it to some other guy. She always teased me like that. She slowly fell to her knees, touching her stomach and running her hands up close to her breasts but never touching them. If seduction was an art, this chick would be getting millions for her paintings. Get it? She put her head back, stuck her chest out, letting her left nipple piercing shine against the soft lights on the stage. Then she fell forward, hands hitting the stage. She crawled right to me as I sat there, not giving a shit about the show. That wasn’t my thing at all. If I wanted to fuck her, I’d stand up, whip out my dick, and she’d take good care of it.

Alexa came right to me and grabbed for my leather cut.

I quickly grabbed her wrist and grinned. “No touching, right?”

She grinned. “You don’t play by the rules, Trent, you’re an outlaw.”

“I’m an outlaw, not you,” I said. I took her hand and gently kissed it.

From the corner of my eye I saw two other guys in leather cuts approaching from the other side of the stage.

That was my cue.

I stood up and winked at Alexa. I took out some cash and offered it to her.

“No, Trent. Not for all you do for me. And to me.”

“Take it, darling,” I said. “Take care of your kid.”

Alexa leaned back on her knees and pulled open her thong. I took a glance down the front, seeing her flat stomach lead way to her bare mound. She touched herself and pulled, showing me more than I was paying for.

Goddamn, she was sweet as a pie right out of the oven.

But I wasn’t in there to find an old lady. Shit, it was a strip club for fuck’s sake.

I was there for business.

I pulled at the strap of her thong and put the money there. Then I touched her lower belly with one hand and her lower back with the other. I pulled her close as the music thumped all around us.

“Go tell your boss that the meeting is happening. Keep the music going and women dancing. No matter what.”

“Will I see you later, Trent?” Alexa asked me.

I backed away and she touched my face.

“Not tonight, darling. Go do your thing.”

I made it two steps and then some asshole stood up and unzipped his jeans. “Get over here, baby. How much does it cost to touch that pussy?”

I froze and turned.

Alexa made her way to the guy. She eyed me for a second and shook her head. She didn’t want me to get involved. I lingered to make sure she was okay. The second she came within striking distance, the asshole grabbed at her. Her tits were dangling and when I saw his right hand go to touch her, I snapped.

I took the guy’s hand and twisted it, bringing it behind his back to the point where his shoulder was going to pop out of its socket. My other hand took a handful of his hair and I introduced him to the edge of the stage.

Three times.

When I let him go, he tried to sit and fell to his ass on the floor. He grabbed his face, bleeding.

I looked up and his buddy was standing, fists balled up.

I didn’t have time to fucking waste. I grabbed a beer bottle and smashed it over the guy’s head, knocking him to the ground.

My attention went back to the first asshole and I pointed it at him. “All your money, right now. Consider it your fucking fine for being an asshole.”

The guy emptied his pockets and gave it all to me.

I then gave him a swift kick to the ribs.

I looked up and down the stage, making damn sure everyone saw me and understood the same would happen if they touched Alexa - or anyone who didn’t want to be touched.

I tossed the money on the stage and nodded to Alexa.

“What the hell, Trent?”

“Your son’s birthday is coming up. Make it special.”

Everyone called me a monster, but I could sometimes be nice.

I walked along the crowd. Some guy gave me a side glance. I paused and shoved his shoulder, spinning him enough so I could knock his ass out of his chair.

Fuck it. Who was I kidding?

I was a monster.


I sort of felt bad for Trev. For years we all watched the way Ripper tore the clubhouse into pieces, trying to separate himself from the rest of the MC. He wanted the full power over all the charters and that’s just not how shit worked. The Frelen charter offered up Trev and we ran with it. It was the right decision because the guy was tough, smart, but he’d been patched in and been outlaw, riding on his own.

In other words, he knew how to make shit happen.

None of us knew the real truth about what Ripper was leaving behind.

Which was why I stood in a bathroom in a strip club.

I leaned against the wall and put my foot up. I lit a cigarette and watched as Jasper stood with his arms crossed. He was VP of the Daurian charter and I never understood why he didn’t go after the President’s patch.

But fuck it, that was his problem, not mine.