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Bossy (An Office Romance #1)
Author:J.L. Beck

Bossy (An Office Romance #1)

J.L. Beck


J.L. Beck is not responsible for the first, second or third set of batteries you may need for your vibrator after or during reading this book. If you love smut, instalove, and a story that can be read in a short time than this book is for you. If not, do give it a try because you never know I could change your mind.

Chapter One

I knew the moment I laid eyes on Cameron Jefferson that I should just hand him my panties and heart on a golden platter. At twenty-six years old he was the next up and coming lawyer at his family’s law firm the place where I was interning. I knew better than to get involved with him, than to let him corner me, or whisper words in my ears that would turn me on so much that I would do something reckless like let him fuck me on his desk.

“Sadie…” My name rolled off his tongue smoothly. The deepness of his voice vibrated through me. I could feel my insides melt into a puddle, and my core clenched with desires I shouldn’t be thinking. I had seen the way many of the other female interns had been looking at him. Lustful eyes filled with desires that I’m sure he had pleased once or twice.

“Yes?” I questioned. Cameron never said my name, he never asked anything of me. In fact I never heard a peep from him unless he came into the training room to say a few words of guidance or some shit like that.

“I need to see you in my office. Now.” The tone of his voice sent shivers down my spine, and before I could even look up to see his nice ass walk away, he was gone. I looked down at myself wondering what exactly it was that he saw in me today that made him want me to come into his office. He only ever called Madison, or Jasmine into his office, one of which was supposed to be his assistant.

“Uhhh.. Of course.” I smiled shyly getting up from my small desk, and smooth a hand over my grey pencil skirt. I had paired it with a deep plum colored blouse that made my green eyes pop. I noticed a few of the other female interns were glaring at me as I pushed my chair in and walked across the office.

My heels clacked against the marble flooring each footfall growing louder than the next. Anxiety filled my belly as soon as I stopped in front of the frost glass door that lead into his office. I had never gone inside before, or hell even been alone with the man before.

Pushing a few locks of my dark brown hair behind my ears and adjusting my glasses I shoved through the glass door, coming to a stop the moment my eyes landing on the devilish Cameron.

He was facing away from me, his attention on the skyline just outside his window. There was a huge glass desk directly behind him, separating us, as well as bookshelves on both sides of the room. The entire office space was bright, and light feeling. A red couch was off to the far right of the room, with a TV hanging on the wall above one of the shelves.

“I’m glad you decided to come in…” He turned on his heels and my entire body lit up. The air in my chest failed to exist, because as much as this man was a player, and asshole he was beyond handsome.

His rich chocolate brown colored hair was a tousled mess on top of his head. The suit he wore was tailored to his body, the dips, and curves, as well as the tightness of his shoulders and arms as he moved around. Every single movement he made had me biting my lip.

“What can I do for you Mr. Jefferson?” I tried to smile through the nervousness but I wasn’t sure if it came out as a smile or an angry cat.

“Call me Cameron… please…” Fuck me sideways.

“I’m sorry, Cameron. What can I do for you?” I asked once again, trying to keep this as professional as possible even if I was wondering what it would be like to be one of those girls that had been taken on his desk.

Had they done it here at work? With an office full of workers? Had he placed his hand over her mouth and muffled the sounds so that no one else could hear? Or maybe he had placed a gag in her mouth forcing her to stay quiet.

“Sadie!” I heard my name being called, and shook my head pulling myself from such naughty thoughts. I’m sure they never did such things while the office was full of workers. Workers like me.

“Yes sir.” I blinked back to the present. My eyes were glued on his dark blue ones, a mischievous grin pulling at lips. I allowed my eyes to drift up over his strong arched brows and eyelashes so thick he could put girls to shame. Cameron had distinct cheekbones and an angular jaw, that coupled with his rich tan skinned made him irresistible to any female within a ten mile radius.