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Buy Me: The Complete Series (Mistress Auctions #1-3)
Author:Alexa Riley

The announcer asks us to take our seats, and I look over at Aaron. He nods, and we make our way to the reserved table. Neither of us has been to one of these auctions before. The only reason we know about them is because of Don. The old man really is like a father to us. He kept asking when we were going to find a girl and settle down. I think he realized a long time ago we had a plan to share a wife, and he never passed judgment on us for it. The only thing he ever wanted for us was success, and the only thing he ever asked for in return was grandbabies. He said he never had time for a family of his own, and that dating showgirls more than half his age kept him young. But he was a softy at heart, and wanted us to give him the grandkids he never thought possible. I guess he thought something like this would work for us, because he introduced us to Samantha a few years back. Though we never took her up on her services, sending clients to one another made for a good business partnership. We appreciated her work ethic in steering high rollers our way. So in return we mentioned her services to our clients who fit her strict criteria, so it was a win-win.

When we approached her about Stella and what we wanted, she stayed professional and gave us numbers. The only time she ever showed a hint of breaking character was when we first gave her the plan, and she gave us a wicked smile that appeared and disappeared so fast I wasn’t sure I saw it. She moved on to money right after. We agreed to pay double the fee since Stella was going to two men instead of one, but in truth we would have paid whatever number she quoted.

She gave us the rules before tonight. Letting us know that we could bid whatever we wanted, but Stella would go to the highest bidder. We both laughed because we wouldn’t allow anyone else to have her. No matter what. She also said that our first coupling would have to be on the property and we said we agreed, although that wouldn’t be happening. Aaron and I have our first time planned out a little differently. I won't be taking our woman for the first time in a place where maybe hundreds of others had done the same, so let’s hope it all goes to plan.

Once we arrived, we were given one paddle with the number twelve on it. Aaron smiled at me because it’s his lucky number. We were given a list of the names of the ladies who would be up for bidding, but other than that no information was given. No picture, no bio, just a list of ten names. Samantha told us she kept the lists short to encourage lots of bidding and to keep the auctions elite. She’s close to being a billionaire all on her own, so she must know what she’s doing.

Our table is at the front, and it’s just the two of us. There are ten tables with two men each, twenty men total. So it looks like about ten will be going home disappointed, because I doubt there are any other men bidding together like Aaron and me.

“Let’s begin, gentlemen. The girls are ready, and tonight we are starting off with a rare treat. Normally we’d save something like this for last, but I thought we’d give each of you an opportunity to bid before you made other purchases. This rare gem has something you all want.”

Some of the men around us talk excitedly, and Aaron looks over at me, shrugging. They’re auctioning off women, how much rarer can they be?

“Tonight I offer you Stella, the twenty-year-old virgin.”

“Oh fuck,” we say in unison, looking at each other. My dick instantly goes hard and I know Aaron’s is too. Oh shit. This can’t be real. Just as I’m about to say something, the curtains open and the spotlight goes on Stella.

It takes everything inside me not to stand up and charge the stage. I grip the table, the glasses rattling from the sudden jolt, and I can feel Aaron shaking next to me. We are like starving wolves being shown a rare steak, our primal and basic urges coming forward. My teeth are clenched and I can barely hear anything around me as my heartbeat pounds in my ears.

Stella stands there in a sheer nightgown, bathed in soft lights. Her nightgown is basically a scrap of silk thrown over her body, but allows everything to be seen. She looks so pure and young. Her dark curls lie over one shoulder, moved just out of the way to frame her breasts. I can see her pink areola as if nothing is hiding it. Her nipples are hard and the tight peaks tent the front, making her big breasts look obscene yet so innocent. The tiny silk garment ends just at her pussy, and we are close enough to the stage to see through it to her soft curls that lie underneath. Now knowing it’s an untouched virgin pussy makes it even harder to sit still and not rush the stage to carry her off caveman-style.

My cock is so hard it’s painful, and I feel it jutting up in my slacks, trying to find room that isn’t there. I remove one of my white-knuckled hands from the table, reaching down to adjust myself. It has nowhere to go, so even moving my dick doesn’t give it any relief. I’m aching for her, and there’s nothing I can do about it right this second.

She looks nervous, but she takes a breath and it seems to steady her nerves. If we had any idea she would be presented this way we may have done this differently. Fuck, who am I kidding? We would have done this no matter what. We have to have her, and buying her guarantees us she’s ours.

“Take a look at this beauty, gentlemen. She’s certified pure and contract ready. We’ll start the bidding at—”

“One million.” Aaron cuts off the announcer, starting the bidding himself. I finally take my eyes off Stella long enough to see my brother looks like I feel. He’s on the edge just as much as I am, and I’m glad he has the ability to think clearly enough to get this shit started so it can be finished. Now.

When I look back at Stella, she’s squinting, trying to see beyond the spotlight to make out who’s bidding on her. I guess she can’t see it’s us from the stage, and that’s probably for the best right now. I think if she saw our faces she would be terrified. Our inner animals have come out and our base instincts are kicking in. We are ready to hunt and breed.

“A million one,” someone shouts from the back.