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Dirty Deeds (An Office Romance #2)
Author:J.L. Beck

Dirty Deeds (An Office Romance #2)

J.L. Beck

Chapter One

“Mr. Jefferson is here for your two thirty meeting, Sir.” Caroline, my temporary office assistant announced as she popped her head around the glass door and into my office, her dark blue eyes meeting mine. She was a lot older than I like my assistants to be but when you're in a pinch, you'll take what you can get.

“Go ahead and send him in.” I requested letting out a ragged breath. I leaned back in my chair and thought about all the good times we had. Cameron Jefferson is one of my longest partners in the business industry and also my best friend. Anytime I need a lawyer, advice or help, he is there.

“Since when do I have to start scheduling an appointment to see my best friend?” Cameron joked as he stepped into my office. I shoved from my desk and crossed the room in a few quick steps. Man it is good to see him. We shook hands like we always do and gave each other the Bro hug...slaps on the back half hugs. I couldn’t help but smile at the bastard. Every time I see him, he's been in a good mood since Sadie came into his life. Not his usual disposition before her so I'm really happy for them.

“Only when you stopped coming around as often...and it doesn’t help that I am literally always fucking busy.” I sighed into the air and scrubbed a hand down my face wondering if that one move could erase all the stress from my life. I was drowning in business deals, income reports and phone calls from my father who was supposed to have given the company over to me....No strings attached.

“What can I say? Sadie keeps me busy…” The shit eating grin on his face proved his statement to be true. I have never seen the man happier especially when it came to a woman. I was almost jealous, almost.

“I can tell. I’ve never seen you this happy about just breathing.” My attitude was a bit piss poor for seeing someone that I hadn’t in months but I knew if anyone could understand my frustration it would be Cameron.

A gruff laugh escaped his throat. He looked good, better than he ever has and I hated to admit it but I was jealous. God damn was I jealous and I admit it. He had everything I could ever want, but here I was, still a bachelor. To say I was done with the slew of one-night stands was the understatement of the year. I like variety and the fact I do as I please. I still hadn’t found a woman worth my time, all of the time.

“Actually, I’m here because of Sadie....by the way, she sends her love.” There was a change in Cameron’s voice hell, there was a change in the air, too. The kind of charge that told me a favor was on the tip of his tongue. I was a businessman after all and I knew how to spot that shit from a mile away.

I pursed my lips and stared him straight in the eyes, there was a flicker of sadness there that I hadn’t seen before and it made me wonder what could possibly be the cause of it?

“Don’t beat around the fucking bush Cam. We’re businessmen, but most importantly friends. If you need something, you know I’ll always help you out.” I assured him, but the sadness in his eyes only became more evident. Frustration burned through my veins. It wasn’t something I enjoyed feeling towards one of my best friends. I was pretty close to breaking down and asking him what the fuck his problem was and why he couldn’t just come out with it?

A second later Cameron exhaled a deep breath, “Sadie has a friend....a very close friend.” I could see him struggling through whatever it was that he wanted to ask me. Cameron wasn’t someone that had trouble getting to the point so whatever is going on must be important. Which is why I was trying to be patient and wait it out, but patience wasn’t really my strong suit.

“Spit it the fuck out, Jefferson.” I snapped hitting the end of my rope. This shouldn’t be this hard especially between friends. Cameron rolled his eyes at me in annoyance. Seriously he's going to roll his eyes at me when he's the one asking for a favor?

“Chloe is her name and she is someone Sadie feels the need to help save. They both volunteer at the local women’s shelter downtown and...”

He trailed off, his eyes dropped to the floor before he took a steadying breath and looked back up at me. The nervousness that was rolling off of him would be amusing if it wasn’t taking up so much of my time.

“Get to the point.” I folded my arms over my chest and scowled.

“Alright, alright. Sadie told me last night that Chloe needs to find a better paying job or she’s going to lose her apartment and I know you're not a job agency or anything like that. But...” He paused and I knew then exactly what kind of favor he was asking for.