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Filthy (A Stepbrother Romance) #1
Author:J.L. Beck

“I will, baby,” I whispered back to her, grabbing her hand and placing it in my lap to grip my cock. I pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and my eyes shot to Mia’s. She wasn’t even paying attention to me. Instead she was talking to Matt about some class they must have had together.

Frustration hit me hard. The fact that I wanted Mia and couldn’t have her made it worse. I was a fucking mess, all over a little pussy. I didn’t think so. I covered Mandy and I with the blanket and waited for Mandy to do whatever she could to make me forget about Mia for a few minutes.

My eyes focused on the screen as Mandy gripped my cock in a vice grip, her hand barely fitting around it. She slid up and down, each stroke making me want to scream out. I placed my hand on top of hers urging her to go faster. I was sure Mia knew what was going, on at least right now. My eyes drifted closed for a moment and the image of Mia appeared in my mind.

Fuck no. Mia wasn’t getting to be the reason why I came again. I pulled Mandy’s hand away, even though I was so close to getting my release. Rage burned through me. I was so angry that this girl had weaseled her way in under my skin. So angry that she had such an adverse effect on me.

“I would love to meet up for coffee or something,” I heard Matt ask her. I wasn’t sure why I acted on the emotions I was feeling or why I cared about what she did with Matt. She wasn’t mine, and I didn’t have girlfriends, but I still stepped in and said something.

“Everyone out,” I ordered. I wasn’t sure where my head was today, but I needed space from everyone. I needed to talk to Mia without everyone being here. Eyes landed against me. Nick’s face all but said are you fucking serious and Mia looked like she ate something sour.

“I mean it; leave, get the fuck out.” Mandy and Nick groaned. Matt seemed to get what I was saying because they all hustled toward the door without another warning. Mia stood from the couch, her face a mask of anger and confusion. I understood what she was feeling. I just didn’t know how to explain my feelings to her. I was better at using my dick then using words.

“That was fucking low and even for you,” I argued. I was ready to bend her over the couch and spank her ass till it was cherry red after what she had just pulled.

“Low?” Her eyebrows shot up, and she looked like she was ready to blow a gasket. I clenched my fists at my side waiting for her to finish. “Low is letting Mandy give you a fucking hand job under the blanket in the living room with everyone here. I am allowed to go out with whoever I want, whenever I want, and no one— not even Talon Fuckin’ Reed— can stop me from doing it.” One of her fingers poked me in the chest, her touch melting away at the icy cold block around my heart.

“I do what I have to, Mia. I never claimed to be anything other than an asshole. What I do with Mandy is my thing, she knows what she’s getting into. What you do is a whole different fucking thing,” I growled. Yes I was going all alpha on her, but only because I didn’t want her with anyone else when I couldn’t have her, even if that was selfish.

“You’re nobody to me.” She raised her lip at me, her eyes glancing down to my lips. She wanted to kiss me, even if she couldn’t admit it out loud. Her body wanted me, her pussy was begging for me to take her.

“I am,” I countered back with just as much anger. “I’m selfish because I can’t let you be with anyone else when I can’t have you as my own,” I admitted without warning. I wanted to kick myself in the ass the second the words came out, but I didn’t take them back. I couldn’t, not after seeing the look of shock on her face.

“Well, you’ll have to get over that, because I’m doing whatever I want….” I wanted to reach down and take her lips against mine. To feel the contours of her body melt into me, and stroke the animal underneath the surface. “Whoever I want.” I felt all-consuming rage when those last words came out. I didn’t stop myself from doing what I had wanted to since the day I met her. I knew I couldn’t. It had to happen.

I reached out placing my hands on the side of her head and pulled her into my body. I placed my lips against her soft ones, pressing with every bit of anger into her. I wanted that kiss to be memorable, passionate, and enough for her to realize I owned her.

I wrapped my hand into her hair,and nibbled at her lips. The taste of heaven mixed with chocolate filled my mouth. Her scent surrounded me, and as soon as she moaned into my mouth, I knew I needed to end the kiss now, otherwise she would be face down on the couch ass in the air in no time. For the first time ever I did the right thing and pulled away from her, walking out of the living room and up the stairs leaving her there to think about what it was that just took place.

I was pretty sure I made a mistake touching her. There was no way I would be able to end it now that I had finally tasted just how sweet she was.

He Made My Lips Hurt

and My Chest Ache
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