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Filthy (A Stepbrother Romance) #1
Author:J.L. Beck

I bit my lip in anger, even though I could feel wetness against my panties. I wanted him. I was a woman, and I liked sex, but even I didn’t feel that he was worthy enough for someone like me. I had to fight against everything he threw at me every single day to make sure I didn’t become just like one of the other hundred notches on his belt.

Picking up my belongings, I waited till he was out of the room and out of sight. I didn’t need him knowing the way he made me feel. It would just be used against me as a ploy to get me to take my panties off and offer up the goods sooner. After all, Talon wasn’t stupid, but he didn’t have me fooled.

I was the last one of out of the classroom and as I headed toward my next class I realized I had spent far too much time hiding out.

“Did you like my note?” I knew the second I heard his voice I was in trouble. My eyes stayed trained on his feet, which were covered with a pair of black Nikes. He had on a pair of distressed fit jeans, and a gray Henley covered his chest and hid his impeccable muscles. His sharp jaw and the curve of his lips as he smiled at me, made my belly hurt. My eyes drifted up to his hair, which was a dark brown and Iwanted to run my fingers through it, tug on it.

My mouth started to water, but at the same time, I felt like vomiting. He was good enough for someone like me. I didn’t need to be told that. Instead of responding to him after I ogled him I shoved past him, lowering my shoulder into his chest. I wanted to prove to him I wanted to be left alone even if I secretly didn’t want to.

“Oh you’re going to play hard to get, like you don’t want me as much as I want you. Hate adds fuel to the fire, baby…” His voice was sex on a stick. Still this wasn’t anything new. He would annoy me to death then hunt me down, and I would eventually turn him down again and again. I was good at that. He was good at trying, I would give him that.

“Different day, same bullshit,” I muttered as I headed toward my next class, my mind of course drifting back to the fact that Talon wasn’t someone I wanted to get involved with, but at the same time my body wished for his touch. I had to remind myself of how disgusting it was that he just had his arm over that girl but was now trying to hook up with me.

“I mean it. We don’t have to like each other to screw, Mia.” Fuck! Talon’s hand on my shoulder forcing me to face him startled me to silent. I couldn’t form words, so I simply stared at him.

I wanted to say yes; God did I want to say yes, but I knew better. I knew that if I wasn’t invested now, I could be some day. I didn’t need him anymore than I needed a bullet in my head.

“Talon…” His name even on my lips made me rub my thighs together. I needed to end this assault the asshole that he was playing every day. I couldn’t let someone like him consume me.

“Lying makes it worse. I can see it in the way your cheeks heat every time I speak to you.” His thumb reached out grazing over my skin, his eyes begging me to meet his. I couldn’t. Goosebumps flared across my body as a shudder worked its way up my back.

Talon leaned into my face, his breath against my lips. We were so close that if I stepped forward just a small amount I would be kissing him.

“The way your thighs rub together when I speak.” His other hand lifted to my pants, and I stepped back a hair, not allowing him to touch me there. That would be my undoing. All my walls were on the verge of tumbling and crumbling to the ground. Everything about him— at least in the physical sense— made me want him more, but in my heart I knew what he was all about.

Taking a deep breath and forcing my pulse to slow down, I finally managed to muster up words.

“I’m not like the other thousand and one girls you’ve fucked.” I could feel his touch against my cheek that much more. My body begging me to give in, even for one fleeting moment. “I’m better.” I finished what I was going to say and pulled from his touch, my body hating every single step I took away from him.

The look of anger and anguish in his blue gray eyes made it worth it. One of his hands worked it ways through his hair, and when he turned his eyes on me again, the previous emotions were swept away, a mask covering them.

I was sure Talon was a different person underneath it all. But getting to that person, being able to see who he was beneath it all and digging through the bullshit fronts he put up was the downfall.

No one wanted to know who you truly were when you didn’t give him or her the chance to. Talon Reed was suffering, and I had been through enough of that in my life already.

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