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Filthy (A Stepbrother Romance) #1
Author:J.L. Beck

The hot water beat against my skin, washing away the smell of Mandy and the stress of the day. It didn’t matter how much I tried to think about someone else or something else. The second the soap hit my hands and I started to wash my body I was reaching for my cock, Mia being the first thing to come to mind. I couldn’t help myself as I leaned against the wall, pumping in and out of my hand, keeping my grip tight as a vice with every stroke.

“Fuck!!” I hissed out as my head leaned back against the tiles and my eyes drifted closed, a picture of Mia completely naked entering my mind. Her creamy white skin would be red from my assault against her body. The way her pink nipples would pucker as I blew against them softly.

Her soft moans would resonate throughout the room and push me to go harder inside of her. I continued to pump myself, my grip growing harder with every slide of my palm over the skin.

“Oh, Talon…” I could practically hear her voice in my head as if she was really here. It was with her voice that my release came, cum sputtering out of me. I stroked myself through the pleasure until I went limp in my hand, then I picked myself up and finished my shower.

There weren’t many girls that I had masturbated to in the shower now a days, but Mia, damn it all to fucking hell she had been one. The girl had a hate hard on for me. Nothing I did was good in her eyes, and of course I wanted to screw her about twenty times more all because of that hate.

I rinsed off, shut the water off, and got out of the shower grabbing the nearest towel. I dried off and picked up my phone. I had a missed call from my dad, and looking at the time I could tell that I was late for dinner.

“Fuck a duck!” I growled, going to my closet and getting my clothes out. If anyone cared about being on time, it was my dad. He was going to throw a bitch fit. Great. I smirked. It was kind of worth it; after all, I got to spend more than five minutes in Mia’s presence without her hating me, even if it was inside my own head.

Scared of Nothing

I slipped into a dress and heels the second I made it to my mom’s house. I had to meet her at the Chop House in less than an hour, and I wasn’t ever good at being on time; that and it didn’t help that I couldn’t focus to save my life.

Even when I wanted nothing to do with Talon Reed, somehow he weaseled his way into my mind. I was seriously going to talk to Professor Hank about moving me, even if it let Talon know that he was finally starting to get to me. I grabbed my phone and purse off the marble island, my eyes sweeping to the microwave over the stove. I needed to get going.

I was just out the door and walking down the stone path to my jeep when my phone started to ring. I huffed out a breath fishing it from the pocket of my dress, my mother’s name flashing across the screen. What could she possibly want other than to tell me to hurry up?

“Yes.” I made sure I sounded annoyed so that when she started to bitch about how long it was taking me then I could say if you didn’t call me I would already be there. What I got instead shocked me.

“Have you left already? I’m just checking because I just got here, and I didn’t want to go in without you.” My mom was always soft spoken except for when she was pissed off. Right now, I could tell there was something up. She never acted this happy or okay with me running late.

“I’m in my jeep right now, headed toward you at sixty miles an hour,” I laughed, starting my jeep.

“Good. I’ll see you soon.” I wondered why she had called altogether as I hung up the phone and headed toward the restaurant. I needed to get out more: go to a couple more parties or maybe join some type of sport. I needed more hobbies than reading every single night. College was meant to be bigger and better than this.

Going to parties means seeing Talon.

My mind reminded myself of that, and immediately staying in my room and reading sounded about ten times better. Ten minutes had passed since I spoke to my mom, and as I pulled into the restaurant parking lot my belly filled with anxiety. Call it intuition or whatever you want, but something told me that I was going to be in for one hell of a surprise.

Putting one foot in front of the other, I grabbed my stuff and headed toward the entrance of the restaurant. The Chop House was a high-end eatery, a place my mom seemed to frequent a lot lately, now that I thought about it. It seemed a bit above her taste and pay grade being that she was nothing other than a RN at the Heights hospital.

Yet, I didn’t question her or wherever she wanted to meet up. I should be thankful because most people’s parents didn’t take the time to meet up for dinner nowadays. It was as if the second we said we were going to college they threw a big party and moved somewhere warm.

I walked into Chop House and was taken back by the over-the-top décor. A chandelier hung from the ceiling in the entranceway and a small seating area was off to the right where a small bar was located.