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Filthy (A Stepbrother Romance) #1
Author:J.L. Beck

I could hear her breathy intake as she took notice of me. I lifted my eyes to meet hers, taking note of the lustful look that she covered up with disgust in a blink of her eyes.

“Do you like what you see?” I let my cocky tone and my usual attitude do the talking. I couldn’t let her being here change who I was, not even a little bit.

“Why don’t you take your asshole self out of my space.” I could feel the slap of her words as she spoke them, and the pain that seared me as they smacked off me did nothing but cause my grin to grow.

“This is my house.” I took a step toward her, which caused her to retreat one back. My ego boosted; I liked where this was going. “Therefore, why don’t you…” I took another step into her space, forcing her to retreat again. She was only a couple steps away from the counter and soon enough her back would run in to it.

“Get out of my space.” I raised my lip in a snarl. Fear mixed with shock showed in her features just as she hit the counter like I had assumed she would. Her cheeks grew warm, and her clenched fists at her sides were all kinds of adorable. She was a fierce looking thing, and fucking God, how I wanted to cross the space between us and press my lips against hers. That and wrap my hands through her hair and tug on those brown locks like I couldn’t ever let her go.

Something changed in those dark eyes, and she spoke without any of the previous emotions she was feeling. “It’s no longer your space brother dearest. It’s our space now.” She winked at me, and I almost came right on the spot.

"Why don't you make yourself useful for once and help me carry my bags in. If I'm going to be forced to live in the same house as you, I want to get this move over as quickly as possible.” She was all business now, and I hated how she had been able to turn the tables on me so easily.

I stood there for a long moment, much longer than I intended to. “Do I make you hot? Make you want me as much as I want you.” I crept around her, feeling her out to see what she would do next.

“Nothing has changed. I’m still going to try every day. It doesn’t matter that I’m your stepbrother.” I challenged her to say something to me. Something to try and change my mind, because I would take those words and add them to the fire that made me advance toward her every day. She had to know that nothing changed between us. I still wanted her, and she obviously still hated me.

“You’re filthy. Disgusting.” She wrinkled her nose at me. All she was missing was the stomping foot part, and she would have the whole act down.

“Don’t act like you don’t want me. That you don’t think about me. I know I think about you every night as I’m stroking my six inch…” Her hands shot up over her ears.

“You’re so fucking disturbed it’s not even funny.” Mia’s nose turned down at me as she dropped her hands down to her sides, and I could see she was now starting to think she was better than me. That wasn’t going to happen, at least not in my fucking house.

“Women would kill for what you have. Talon uckin’ Reed at your disposal and all those endless fucking sessions we could have.” I snickered, stretching my hands above my head to show off the rest of my body. I could see her eyes roaming over my muscles and slowly eyeing the waistband of my sweats. She might have thought I was a dirty, nasty, even filthy fucker, but she wasn’t any better.

She fucking wanted me, even if she wasn’t going to admit it, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to do everything I could to make her give into those desires. I kept my eyes on her soft brown ones, watching and waiting for her to give me some type of sign to come forward and claim her.

What I got was nothing of that assort.

“Leave me the fuck alone, Talon, because if you don’t I’ll do whatever I can to make your life an ever living hell.” There was so much determination in that little body of hers, I almost wanted to take her up on that offer. Instead I let her walk away from me, the warning hanging in the air between us. My eyes following the motion of her ass as it swayed away from me.

Shit, and now I had to help her carry her shit in. Fuck my life.

My StepBrother Is An Asshole

I knew he was an asshole, I just didn’t realize how big of one he was until I was forced to move in with him. My mother had sold the house without warning, taking everything and moving it out... that included me. Which is why I was stuck here dealing with Talon, day in and day out. I was currently sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch with one of my acquaintances. I couldn’t consider Daisy a friend since she never hung out with me much and we didn’t really share any personal information with one another.

“Word on the street is that Talon has a thing for you. Apparently you keep turning him down?” Daisy questioned for the first time like ever, her eyebrow raised and a hurtful look on her face like I withheld some type of secret from her.

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