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Filthy (A Stepbrother Romance) #1
Author:J.L. Beck

I took a bite out of my apple ignoring her question. Every thing I had to deal with revolved around the prick. From my life at home, to college, he was always the center of attention. It was nauseating.

“While…” Daisy cleared her throat.

“Oh stop! You act like I actually have something going on with him. He’s an asshole, and better yet he’s my stepbrother. He’s filthy with a capital fucking F!” I may have raised my voice a bit as I spoke but I got my point across, or at least I hoped I had.

“Wow. So it’s true then?” she added, baiting me of course. I didn’t want to ask or give into the gossip Gods of Central Heights, but I didn’t have much of an option. If I was being talked about in the same sentence as Talon I wanted to know.

“Just say it, because I’m not going to beg you for information, Daisy. I’m not like that. My life doesn’t revolve around the gossip at this school.” I was beyond annoyed by the time I finished my sentence. So much so that I was considering just getting up and forgetting about whatever it was that was being said about me.

“It’s just a rumor, and since your life doesn’t revolve around the gossip then I assume you don’t really care to know.” Daisy smacked her lips together in anger. I could see the steam flowing from her ears. She was just like the rest of the girls that drooled and chased after Talon and totally not worth my time.

“Save it. I don’t need to know.” I got up from my chair, faster than needed, and I all but ran from the cafeteria barely stopping to toss the food I hadn’t eaten in the trashcan. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going or who was in front of me, and I ended up running into the back of someone. I mumbled a sorry and started to walk away but was stopped as the person grabbed my arm and refused to let go.

“Excuse me, but you…” I was whirled around to face the person I had hit. Words were lost as I realized Talon had plucked me up and twisted my body into his. He smiled down at me as if he had just won the jackpot.

“You’re excused, sis.” He was trying to woo me in front of all of his friends. I could see the gawks and whispers. They seemed to follow him wherever he went. I wanted nothing to do with that.

“No you’re…” I growled, fed up with the way he was acting and handling me. Lifting my leg, I angled my knee upward and toward his balls. I could tell when they made impact because his mouth made an O shape, and he released me. I didn’t stick around to see the anger or swear words that would come from his mouth. I just walked away, a new feeling cascading over me. I felt empowered even as I heard Talon’s friend Nick call me a bitch. I had better shit to do, like get to my next class, apply for jobs, hell anything was better than letting him make a mockery out of me in front of the entire student body.

Instead I went to all my classes for the afternoon and watched the time on the clock slowly tick down. I had felt so great earlier after I showed everyone that Talon couldn’t sink his claws into me, but now as the time ticked away and it grew closer to the end of the day in which I had to come back to our house, my nerves started to tingle and my belly seemed to be doing a flip flop. I was starting to regret my charade from earlier.

Don’t be weak. Stand your ground. I forced the reminder in my head a couple of times, talking myself out of a full-blown anxiety attack. I hadn’t thought about Talon once today, not until it was time to leave. I walked out to my jeep slowly, scouring the parking area. Talon drove today, and I… God, I was being paranoid. I ignored the nagging thoughts at the back of my mind and instead got in my car and headed toward Starbucks. I could kill a little time there before I had to go home and deal with his bullshit.

I hit the drive thru, which is what it seemed like everyone else was doing at the time. I ordered a Caramel Macchiato, extra caramel and paid for it at the window. As soon as the caramel goodness touched my tongue I moaned. I lapped up the yumminess as I pulled into Central Height’s rich district. All the houses were large, the driveways perfectly paved, and not even a single blade of grass was out of order. Everything was perfect and totally not for me.

I sighed in relief as I noticed Talon’s Dodge Charger wasn’t in the driveway. Hopefully he wouldn’t come home tonight, and if he did then he would know better than to start something with me.

I got out of the car, my eyes roaming over the house itself. It was a beautiful fortress, made for those with money. A three car garage was attached to the home, the house was white, and had marble columns in the front. There was a stone path that led around the house, and a porch made for those that loved the great outdoors. I had thought about heading out to it the other night but stayed confined to my bedroom.