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Filthy (A Stepbrother Romance) #1
Author:J.L. Beck

I still wasn’t comfortable with the fact that I slept down the hall from playboy Talon. Who knew how many girls rolled around in his sheets? Was I jealous, no. No way. I continued to sip my drink as I got my key out and unlocked the door heading into the house.

My heart sank when I heard a female voice accompanied by Talon’s smooth, deep one. I wanted to stab someone—

preferably him— but at this point anyone would do. I sneaked in around the corner and into the kitchen, making sure that I didn’t make any noise as I tip toed toward the stairs.

“Mia, why don’t you come hangout in here with the rest of us.” Talon’s voice was robust in such a large house. It bounced off the walls and right into my ears. Knots formed in my stomach as I peeked around corner and saw who us really was. Talon had a busty blonde sitting on his lap, his friend Nick was chilling in one of the recliners, and a guy I had never met before gave me handsome smile.

“I have a lot of homework and I had such a stressful day today; you know with Mom and…”

“Stop making excuses, Mia.” Talon’s voice was flat, his eyes void of emotion as he interrupted me. I had never felt so embarrassed in my entire life. Who did he think he was?

“Yeah, see I don’t think this is going to work,” I snarled, blowing him off completely. I could give him as much attitude as he gave me, and I could make him look just as weak too.

“Go hide up in your bedroom. I’ll be there in a little bit to check up on you like the good brother I am.” I almost vomited on the floor with his brother reference, however there was a tiny wedge of excitement that filled my veins when he said he would come check up on me.

I climbed the steps up to my bedroom listening to their laughter fill the room. Who knew what it was they were talking about or doing. All I could think about was how fucked it was that I kind of wanted Talon, just a little bit.

Under My Skin and In My Head

Have you ever tried to convince yourself that you don’t really need someone in your life? I had spent the last two hours doing that, listening to Nick go on and on about a party that I had missed because I was too busy sitting at home, listening to Mia down the hall talk to someone on the phone. The girl I brought here as a means to make Mia jealous was doing nothing but aggravating me, and I was pretty sure that Matt had been checking Mia out when she came in.

“I’m going to Donovan’s party next week. The one with the giant fire pit and booze up to your eye balls. You better be going man.” Nick cut his eyes to mine. He was one of the few guys I got a long with. It was hard to keep friends when you ended up sleeping with everyone’s girlfriends. I never said I was a good guy.

“I’ll go, but Mia has to go too. I have to keep an eye on her,” I lied, knowing all too well that getting her to go would be an epic pain in the ass. I knew the party life wasn’t her scene. Book reading and watching some show called The Shadow Hunters was. Nick seemed annoyed at the thought, and I’m sure it wasn’t directed toward Mia, but more so me because since she came around I had changed.

“You said we would do something fun tonight.” Mandy’s nails ran down my back. Normally that would’ve turned me and had me harder than a diamond... not this time though. All I could think about was the one fucking thing I couldn’t have.

“Mia.” Matt said her name as if he was excited to see her, and for a second I wondered if I had said the thought out loud. I turned in my chair watching as Mia slowly walked into the room. Her eyes weren’t on me but on Matt.

Fuck no.

“I know you invited me down earlier, but I had homework to do. But now, I’m done.” Her hair was up in a bun on top of her head, and she was wearing a pair of gray sweats with a t-shirt that said My blog’s better than your blog.

What the hell did that even mean?

“That was a one time deal, sis.” I carried out the word sis, making sure she was aware of what she was.

“This is my house too, so I think I’ll do whatever I want.” She dropped down onto the couch right next to Matt. I could see the pickup lines forming in the small-brained idiot’s head.

Jealousy. It was a real fucking bitch. Still, I smirked knowing I could give her a dose of her own medicine. Nick turned a movie on, and I turned down the lights. Mandy snuggled into my side, and as she did eyes seemed to embed into my skull. I knew she was watching, and I knew she had to be just as jealous as I was.

“You promised to fuck me,” she pouted, her lips right next to my ear. I could feel her nipples poking through her shirt, and normally being the gentlemen I am I would’ve taken her right here, right now. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. Even if I wanted to be a prick to Mia, I couldn’t hurt her like that. Something about her made me want to do better, be better, even if the reasoning wasn’t all there.