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Author:Jaxson Kidman

OUTLAW KING by Jaxson Kidman

To survive, I’ll have to turn my back on my club – to save her, I’ll have to give my life

By the time Lindsey went from a mouth full of braces to a smiling beauty I was already knee deep in the outlaw world. But that didn’t stop us from exploring everything wild and dangerous we were feeling. I took her to the edge and back, leaving her with an understanding that no man could ever replace me.

Here’s the thing – I get a shot at fixing a part of my past, so I take it. The result puts me behind bars and on death row. Looks like my days are numbered. That is, until I get offered a deal that any man would take. I get a taste of freedom and I go right back right back to only thing I know – Lindsey’s perfect and heavenly curved body. Now I’m stuck between protecting my club, saving my woman, and facing my date with the reaper.

This is what happens when you fall into the outlaw world way too young… not to mention falling in love.



MY BROTHER TITO sat on the bed holding a guitar with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. He was jamming something, loud, obnoxious, and I stood in the doorway like I had been let backstage at the biggest concert in the world.

When my big bro saw me, he stopped playing. The guitar squealed with feedback as he leaned forward and killed the power to the amplifier. He spun the guitar around and dropped it to his bed.

There was a girl in his bed.

I could see her naked shoulder and back. My eyes were locked to her for a second, cashing in every birthday wish I had collected over the years, wanting her to pop up so I could see her topless.

Tito must have sensed what I was thinking because he reached with his left hand and touched the girl’s back, keeping her down and asleep.

I don’t know what she had been doing to make her sleep that sound. Maybe it was just hanging out with my cool big bro that did it. He always had girls. It was amazing. He rode a motorcycle, got into bar fights, won them all, played guitar, and loved girls. He was everything I wanted to become in life.

Except… I had this one problem.

A girl problem.

“What is it, my man?” Tito asked.

“I got a letter in the mail today,” I said. “From Lindsey.”

“Lindsey? That the girl that’s up in the development?”

“Yeah, her. Her Aunt Jane has that new guy. Well, they’re married. But he bought that house for her, you know? And… he says she can’t be near me. For the entire summer. I got to wait until school starts…”

“Ah, damn, my man,” Tito said. He slid to the edge of the bed. “Aunt Jane, huh? She’s that hot one. I remember her. In her stick shift Jeep. Cruising around with the doors off, that hair of hers blowing all around. Oh, damn, I’m getting all worked up over here.”


He grabbed my shoulder. “I’m fucking around, man. What do you want from me?”

“What do I do about this?” I asked. “I can’t imagine not seeing her for the summer.”

“You really like her, huh?”

“Do you really like her?” I asked and pointed to the girl in Tito’s bed.

He grinned. Then he whispered, “I liked her this morning. Last night. What do you want from me, little bro? Want me go up to the house and beat that guy up?”

I thought about it for a second. Tito would have done it for me. But, no, that would only make things worse. So I shook my head.

“No,” Tito said. “Okay. So give me something to work with here.”

“I just want to make sure she knows I care.”

“You’re too young to care.”

“Don’t say that stuff to me. You sound like Mom.”

“Yeah, right,” Tito said. “You really like her. I get that. There’s a lot of fish out there, Kingston.”

“Call me King,” I said.


“It sounds cooler, doesn’t it? King. Makes me… bigger.”

Tito laughed. “A’ight, King. I got you. I got you covered. You can’t play guitar yet, right?”

“Still practicing,” I said. “I need new strings though.”

“Shit, brother, why didn’t you say something sooner?”

Tito pulled his amp forward and reached into the back of it. He took out a pack of strings and tossed them to me. He then took out a pack of cigarettes and shook them in front of my face.

“Want to try one yet?”

“No,” I said. “Mom says they’re bad for you.”

“Everything is bad for you,” Tito said. “What do you want to do? Live forever?”

I just had to live through the summer. How the hell was I going to go without seeing Lindsey for an entire summer? It wasn’t goddamn right.

“I just need your help, Tito,” I said.