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Author:Jaxson Kidman

REAPER'S KISS by Jaxson Kidman

chapter one



I sat on the edge of my bed and watched her unbutton her shirt. Her breasts were already pouring out of the damn shirt, even with a bra on. She really had no idea how beautiful and exotic she was to me. Her fingers shook with each button she opened. She stripped the shirt off her arms and let it fall to the floor. Then she opened her jeans and leaned forward, wiggling those curvy hips of hers as her jeans ease down her body. As she bent forward her tits just hung there, barely in her bra.

“Fuck, sweetie,” I groaned as I gripped the edge of the bed.

She then stood back up, her hands nervously touching her thighs. She looked at me with her amber eyes and swallowed hard. I could tell she had lived a hard life. Shit, everyone in this town had lived a hard life.

It took her a few seconds but she finally reached back to unsnap her bra. If she thought for a fucking second I was going to stop her she was out of her mind. I had given her time. I had given her a goddamn chance to run. But she stuck around.

And now her bra was falling forward, showing me her beautiful tits. They were full, firm, her nipples perfectly pink, already erect, telling me she liked this.

My cock had already started to slither down my leg. It filled easily, throbbing, showing through my jeans. Not that I gave a fuck. I was proud of what I had swinging between my legs. And she should have been proud for what she was doing to me.

“Come here, sweetie,” I said.

She stepped toward the bed. I put my hands to her sides, feeling the softness of her skin. My hands then eased around to her back and pulled her to me, smelling the sweetness of her skin a second before my lips played with her left nipple. Her hands grabbed at my shoulders as she shivered. Her skin broke out in goosebumps and I felt her hands slid to the inside of my leather cut. She started to take it off… and she climbed up on the bed, straddling me.

She pressed her pussy against my jeans, grinding against my cock.

My mouth eased over her breast as I sucked on her, loving the way she started to groan.

She put her head back, her dark hair falling along her back.

I pulled off her breast and kissed up her neck.

Then I stood up.

I walked her to the wall and held her against it.

“Oh, fuck,” she whispered.

“Oh, fuck is right, sweetie. Remember, you showed up looking for me. I wasn’t looking for you.”

She bit her lip and had no idea what was in store for her.

Then again… neither did I…

I saved her life once - but once wasn’t going to be enough.

chapter two



My father told me to unbutton the bottom half of the shirt and tie it in a bow. I needed to show more skin to make everyone happy. I was literally a few moves away from being a full on stripper. Or at least that’s how I felt. He should have sold the small store a long time ago. But he insisted on keeping it in my mother’s honor. I was barely fifteen when someone broke into the store and shot my mother to death. She had been there working late, cleaning up the floors after a leak in the roof made a mess. Dad told her to let it go but she insisted on keeping the place clean.

If she hadn’t been there…

If the roof hadn’t leaked…

If it hadn’t rained so much…

I spent ten more years finding any and all sources of blame I could manage.

A year after that I was able to get legally drunk and that was a good way to hide it all away. By then, Dad was slipping into a hole that was dark and scary. The store barely broke even. He lived in a room above the store. I wasn’t even sure if it was qualified as an apartment. For me, I survived with the same work ethic my mother had.

But every now and again my father would use the storage room in the back of the store to entertain some friends. That’s the way he always put it to me. Probably to save me in case something went wrong and he ended up in jail. He would grab my face and smile.

I’m just entertaining some friends, Ava. That’s all.

And everyone who showed up was called Uncle.

Uncle Tommy. Uncle Bill. Uncle Andy.

Most of them wore nice clothes, drank straight from a bottle, and they played a lot of card games and when nobody was looking, they all passed around notes and other things. Yeah, okay, drugs.

It was scary.

My job was to just walk around and make sure everyone was happy.

Dad opened the door and his face was sweaty and red. He lived under too much stress, but who was I to tell him that?

“You look beautiful, Ava. Watch the front and check in on the back. Right?”

“Of course,” I whispered.