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Spark (Heat #2)
Author:Deborah Bladon

"Tell me who it is," I demand, panic boiling inside of me.

"See for yourself." He steps back and swings open the door, allowing me a full view of his living room and the tall figure staring down at Tyler's laptop. The video is paused on a close-up image of my face.

I recognize the man before he turns in our direction. He owns Magari, along with seven other restaurants across the nation and another two in Italy. He's won every major culinary award there is. World leaders, celebrities and even royalty have raved about his food. He's built an empire worth millions. Legions of his fans flock to the tapings of his televisions shows and his cookbooks are instant bestsellers.

If there ever was rock star in the world of food, this man is it.

As he pivots toward me, his face brightens. There's instant recognition in his eyes.

I turn away from his gaze, my pulse stuttering, my heart aching.

This can't be happening.

Chef Sergio Firi is supposed to be a world away in Italy.

"Speak of the devil," Tyler hisses the words out. "Look who's here, Sergio. It's the love of your life."