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Spark (Heat #2)
Author:Deborah Bladon

"Tyler," he whispers as his finger follows the path his tongue just took. "Call me Tyler when I'm fucking you."

"You're not fucking me yet, Chef."

I feel his lips move into a smile as he presses them against my thigh. "I want you to come once or twice before I fuck you."

"You said you were aching to be inside me." I arch my ass off the bed with the hope that he'll take the hint and eat me out, really eat me out instead of teasing me with the promise of his tongue, the way he is now.

"I need to get you ready for that." He adjusts his body on the bed. He's as naked as I am. When I reached for his cock after he slipped out of his boxer briefs, he'd pushed my hands aside telling me that I need to learn that my pleasure will always come first.

I squirm beneath him. "Can you do it now? I swear I'm going to come the second you really touch me."

"I have been touching you." His finger is on the move again. This time it centers on my clit, circling it once and then again, before it's gone.

"Don’t." I try and kick my legs but he's pinned them down. "You're the ultimate tease."

"I'm admiring you." He kisses the soft skin right above my mound. "You can't possibly know how beautiful you are, Cadence. Every square inch of you is breathtaking. I want to enjoy this."

I quiet, reaching down to run my hand through his hair. "You make me feel beautiful."

He moves then, pushing my thighs apart with his shoulders as he scoops my ass into his palms. "I'm going to make you feel so much."

Heated pleasure rushes through me the instant he lowers his mouth to my core.


"You have to be hungry now. What kind of food do you want?" He glances at me as he stands and disposes of the condom in the wastebasket in the corner. His body is peppered with perspiration. It's a lingering sign of what we've been doing in his bed for the past hour.

"You fucked me so hard I can't think straight." I tap my fingers on my forehead. "What is this food that you speak of?"

"That's why I can't go three straight days without you. I was craving your body." He picks up his phone from the nightstand. "I can order something in."

"I almost always eat in. Do you ever eat out?"

He cocks a brow as a smile pulls on the corners of his mouth. "Did you say you want me to eat you out? Can I at least eat an apple before I go down on you again?"

I pull the sheet tighter around me. "Who knew you had a sense of humor?"

"I wasn't kidding." He looks down as he glides his fingers over the screen of his phone. "I could eat your pussy all night but I'm starving right now."

"I'm hungry too," I confess. "I could go for Italian. What about you?"

"Great culinary minds think alike." The faint chime of a bell drops his gaze back to his phone. "I know someone at Magari. I just sent them a text. They can seat us in an hour. Can you be ready by then?"

I immediately regret not suggesting we go to my place so I can cook for him. I can't go to Magari. I also can't tell him why. I'm not ready to have that conversation with him. "I'd rather cook for you. Why don't we go back to my place?"

"The food at Magari is stellar. Have you ever been?"

Time and time again and then some.

Magari rivals Nova when it comes to delicious cuisine. It's a small restaurant that caters to those who want an intimate dining experience. It only seats thirty-six people for dinner service. The fact that Tyler scored us a table on such short notice is unheard of. I know, from personal experience, that the wait list is longer than it was for Nova. If you get to sample Magari once, you're going to want to dine there again. It's an addictive experience.

"I've been," I say honestly. "I don't feel like going there tonight."

That stops him cold. He holds tightly to a pair of black boxer briefs that he just pulled out of the top drawer of his dresser. His hair is a mess, his face and chest still flushed. "Why not?"

I didn't expect a push back. I know that I can't keep dancing around my past if we're going to build on what's happening between us. I also know that I'm not ready to tell Tyler about Magari and if we walk in there together tonight, someone else will do that for me.

"I'd rather we go back to my place. I've been working on a new recipe. I want you to taste it," I say as I watch him put on the boxers.

He raises both arms in the air before he rests his hands on the back of his head. The position makes him look imposing and intimidating. "I don't know a chef in this city who would turn down a chance to eat at Magari. Did you work there? Is that why you don't want to go?"

"No, I've never worked there. I'm just not in the mood to eat there tonight."

"Were you involved with someone who works there?"

"What do you mean?" I bend my legs, pulling my knees to my chest, circling my arms around them.

He flexes his biceps before he drops his arms. "You know what I mean, Cadence. Have you fucked someone who works at Magari?"