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The Fate of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling #3)
Author:Erika Johansen

My final word is for the readers.

The Tearling is not an easy world, I know. Contrarian that I am, I am determined to make this kingdom echo life, where answers to our questions are not delivered neatly in a beautiful expositional package, but must be earned, through experience and frustration, sometimes even tears (and believe me, not all of those tears are Kelsea’s). Sometimes answers never come at all. To all of the readers who stuck with this story, understanding and sometimes even enjoying the fact that the Tearling is a gradually unfolding world, full of lost and often confounding history, thank you for your faith in the concept. I hope you feel that your patience was rewarded in the end.

Now let’s all go and make the better world.