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Viper's Kiss (Back Down Devil MC #8)
Author:London Casey & Karolyn James

Viper's Kiss (Back Down Devil MC #8)

London Casey & Karolyn James


Blaine couldn’t breathe.

His hands were stretched out, his head back, darkness all around him. He took deep breaths, a mix of sweet liquor, smooth bodies, and soft sweat. He had no fucking clue if glitter had a scent to it, but it looked damn good.

Two sets of breasts slid across his face and then pulled away.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Blaine said. “I wasn’t done yet.”

His hands moved to the women’s backs and he pulled them in again.

They were perfect. Well, to Blaine, all women were perfect. The cutie in his left had full and perky tits. She had cone shaped tits, nipples to match, the left one pierced. The mature one on his right had some more mileage but that didn’t matter. Her tits were big, a little saggy, but she knew how to work them. She squeezed Blaine’s face between them, stealing his air again.

What a fucking way to go…

Finally, Blaine put his head back and groaned. The one on the left - Amber? Ashlee? A… something… - was sitting on his lap. Her little bottoms barely covered anything and she had no shame in pressing herself down on Blaine.

He had been rock hard from the second he walked into the strip club. Some would call it a special treat or a night out. For Blaine, it was just a regular ‘ol Tuesday night. The women flocked to him. Not just because of the Back Down Devil MC leather cut that graced his body, but because of his wild attitude and thick cock.

At least that’s what Blaine told himself.

Most of the women in the club needed some kind of help one way or another. As much as Blaine desired to be an ambassador for beautiful and sweet pussy, he couldn’t give less of a care for anyone’s problems. As long as the women looked good, took their tops off, and flashed a little of their kitties between their legs, he made sure to pay up and eventually choose one for the night. Okay, normally two. Well, generally three. Sometimes four.

“Hey, what’s your name again, beautiful?” Blaine asked.


“Had it right the first time in my head,” he said with a grin.

The other woman slithered back and two more came forward. They went around to the back of the chair. They leaned down, their breasts gently touching Blaine’s ears.

Tits on the left, the right, in front of me.

It was almost overwhelming. Not all men could handle it like Blaine could. He had enough in his dick though to fill all these pretty women. There was no need to worry about a thing.

“Do you have a gun on you?” Amber asked.

Her blonde hair fell forward as she wiggled her hips, grinding her sweet kitty against his jeans.

“Of course I do,” Blaine said. He reached up and moved the hair out of her face. “I have to protect myself, beautiful. A lot of people want me dead.”

“Like who?” she asked, flirting away.

“Like your boyfriend.”

“Who said I have a boyfriend?”

“Tight little body on you… that look in your eyes… your Daddy fucked you up good I bet. You can’t be without…”


Blaine touched her face with the other hand. “Hey, it’s okay. My Daddy hated me too. I can’t be alone either. That’s why I fucking need you right now, Amber. I fucking need you so bad.”

Her face burned red.

Blaine loved the power. Goddamn, it was so good.

His left hand inched down, touching her shoulder and going to her chest. Her hands gripped the arms of the chair as she perked up, thrusting her chest to his hand. His fingers played with her nipple and then with the piercing.

“That had to hurt,” Blaine whispered.

“Just for a second.”

“Good. You understand it then.”

“Understand what?” Amber asked.

Blaine grinned. “You know how to take pain. So when I fuck you in every hole, you understand it’ll only hurt for a second, right?”

“Holy shit. Are you serious?”

“You feel my cock right now? I’m always serious.”

“Don’t waste your time on her,” a voice whispered in my ear. “She’s not as tight as you think. She gets around a lot.”

“Shut up, Danielle,” Amber growled.

“Whoa,” Blaine said. “I don’t give a shit about that, beautiful. The sluttier you are, the better.”

“Then you’ll love me,” Danielle whispered into Blaine’s ear. “I’m pierced, too.”

Blaine turned his head. Another set of perfect tits just hanging there like low, delicious fruit. Blaine reached back with his left hand and teased her nipple.

“I don’t see anything pierced,” Blaine said. “Are you lying to me?”

Danielle stood up. She had lines down her smooth and tight body. Blaine puckered his lips and exhaled. He was instantly in love. Then again, he had been instantly in love with Amber just ten seconds ago. Hell, he fell in love at least five times a day and ten times a night.

“I’m not lying,” Danielle said.

“I don’t see anything pierced, beautiful.”

Danielle hooked her thumbs to her panties and grinned. “You can’t see it right now.”